Welcome Friend!

I hope I can inspire you to see the world differently through my lens,

and through the pages of your memories captured in time!


When people see my work, I want them to find something they can connect to, something that evokes emotions, something they can still create a different story from, each time. Art for me is therapeutic and the perfect high!  It allows me to be myself in a different poetic sense without writing a word.  Photography on the other hand is where I showcase my feelings, though still vulnerably.  It represents the box of surprises that endlessly amazes as it becomes more a teacher of what I see around me: the curves, the lines, the compositions, the lights, the relations, the emotions it evokes.

My name is Claire J. Saintil. I am Haitian; I am an artist, a writer, and a photographer. I have taken part in collective exhibitions, notably “Joy” at the Grace Institute Gallery where I was also one of the four artists on the panel discussion. I was the resident photographer for Brooklyn Music School (BMS) for many years, while still completing many private events, performances, VIP events, including the 2009 Armory Show “The Girls from Kyoto and other Japanese Contemporary Masters,” presented by Nancy Seltzer and Osaka’s MEM, Inc. Gallery at the St. Regis Residences.  My work has been published in the New York Times, The Brooklyn Paper, Food & Wine's Home Lifestyle, "Haiti Uncovered" Coffee Table book, NAAHP for FLeurimond, Brooklyn Reader, featured in HaitiCulturalx.org, and as the Smithsonian.com Editor’s Picks (2009),to name a few.  I have documented and I continue to collaborate with many notable figures in the Haitian Community living in NY, abroad, and others. 


I love what I do,

and I hope you can join me on such beautiful journey by trusting me to capture your precious memories.